Since 1997, Codework Systems has provided innovative technologies and products for automating, improving, securing and managing enterprise IT systems. Our software utilities address the areas of PC Cloning, Software Distribution, Application Packaging, Security, Employee or Student Internet Access Restriction, Application Usage Blocking and Metering, Remote Control, Software / Hardware Asset Management, Helpdesk, Network Print Management and more!

Consultancy & Training

Codework consultancy division consists of highly skilled consultants who bring with them years of real world hands on experience, complemented with up to date industry qualifications to ensure they are always ahead of the game.

We offer a range of different technical skills delivered to customers in a variety of ways to suit each individual need. This can range from on-going Support based solutions and specific consultancy engagements to complete project work, whether it be short term or stretching over a number of months.

Our Approach

Codework strive to develop and implement comprehensive IT strategies and integrated business solutions for medium to large enterprises. We work closely with our customers encouraging good communication channels which ensures everyone knows what is expected, what stage of the project we have reached, when tasks happen, when mile stones are reached and of course how we got there.

We take a holistic approach with all our clients, focusing not just on the project in hand but also researching wider aspects of the business which gives us the added assurance that the right decisions are made.

You can expect to receive regular reports on progress and any issues, should they arise. This strategy has enabled us to maintain excellent customer relations and has resulted in a large proportion of our work being repeat business.

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