Centurion Technologies

Centurion Technologies is a leading provider of workstation security management software and the innovator of Reboot and Restore technology. Since 1996, Centurion has been providing award-winning solutions to schools, companies and organizations all over the world. Centurion’s latest generation of solutions, SmartShield® Security Suite, provide all the tools needed to run an efficient, manageable network. In addition to ensuring total workstation integrity and providing 100%, fail-safe protection against malware, unwanted changes and natural system degradation, SmartShield also gives administrators the tools to monitor and control their workstations from a single location. Best of all, SmartShield offers all of these features in a single product at a fraction of the cost of running multiple applications.

smartshield SmartShield Security-Focused Hard Drive Protection and Network Management Solutions Specifically Designed for your Environment.
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