Netop develops and sells software solutions that enable swift, secure and seamless transfer of video, screens, sounds and data between two or more computers over the Internet. The company has three business areas, Administration, Education and Communication.

Netop’s unique and cost-saving Administration solutions make life easier for IT professionals with secure remote control solutions. With the market-leading solutions for Education classroom management and corporate e-learning, Netop helps students and teachers to achieve optimum results through virtual education. Netop Communication solutions let customers, partners and colleagues meet easily and safely in the virtual space via chat, video and audio over the Internet.

Netop Vision Logo Netop Vision The easiest and most effective way to teach with computers, Vision6 is the popular classroom management software that has been proven to improve student performance.
Netop Vision Logo Netop Vision Pro Introducing Vision Pro, the powerful new classroom management solution that combines ease of use with enhanced features for best in class performance.
Netop Vision Logo Netop Vision ME Teaching in an iPad classroom? Meet Vision ME, the new classroom workflow app that makes teaching with the iPad easier and more effective
Netop RemoteControl Logo Netop RemoteControl Netop Remote Control provides one intuitive interface for complex remote maintenance and user support across more platforms and devices than any other remote control product. Netop Remote Control features industry leading encryption and the most comprehensive security system on the market. And when it comes to security you are in charge; you decide who can delete files, upload new files, change system settings, etc. You can rest assured that your remote sessions and vital information are safe from unauthorized access.
OnDemand Logo Netop OnDemand Support users when they need it with secure Web-based remote control regardless of location, network, firewalls or what computer the user is logged into.
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