Netop Vision ME

Teaching in an iPad classroom?
Your life is about to get better. Introducing the new Vision ME iPad app

Present lessons, showcase student work, focus attention, share files, message students and assess learning. Vision ME is the all-in-one app that engages students and improves learning outcomes.


Vision ME is a web-based workflow management app designed to support teachers and students in iPad classrooms. With Vision ME, teachers can present lessons from anywhere in the classroom, iPad to iPad, and students can lead class demonstrations from their own devices.

The app utilizes mobile device management (MDM) technology to provide teachers with better control over student devices, giving them the ability to blank student screens and block internet access. It also allows teachers to showcase a student’s work to the entire class, distribute and collect files and assignments, broadcast messages, and chat with students in groups or one-on-one.

Vision ME Features
  • PRESENT: Present lessons from anywhere in the classroom, iPad to iPad
  • SHOWCASE: Enable students to lead class demonstrations from their iPad
  • SHARE FILES: Distribute and collect files and assignments
  • MESSAGING: Broadcast messages to your entire classroom
  • BLANK SCREEN: Blank student iPad screens instantly
  • BLOCK ACCESS: Block internet access with the touch of a button
  • ONLINE LEARNING: Post lesson materials online in customized class sites


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