SmartShield for Mac

Centurion products are designed based on a unique patented technology that has protected libraries, universities and school labs throughout the world.

SmartShield for Mac is the only hard drive and configuration protection software solutions using “Instant Restore” technology, ensure a higher level of security and stability on multi-platforms.


Users can manipulate the desktop, install software, change settings, and download potentially harmful files from the Internet!

A simple reboot of the computer restores it back to the administrator’s pre-defined pristine configuration. MacShield simply wipe the session changes free… leaving the computer like new.

The resulting affects of Centurion’s “Instant Restore” software are many fold:

  • Improved efficiency levels
  • Technology implementation and maintenance
  • Improved user experience
  • Eliminates obstacles to Initiate technology in learning
  • Ability to maintain a corporate desktop environment with standardization
  • Ability to limit liability related to unknown user practices



Instant Restore

  • Reduces computer maintenance by up to 90%
  • Eliminates re-imaging of computers
  • Simplifies the maintenance process and environment
  • Reduces friction with technology implementation & learning
  • Instantly refreshes computers to their optimal working state
  • Eliminates downtime or “out of order” signs at user computers
  • Ensures consistent configurations
  • Significantly lowers Total Cost of Ownership of Technology Assets
  • Allows enable and disable of protected partitions with vanishing modifications
  • Reduces Total Cost of Ownership of an organization’s assets by minimizing hard drive maintenance, administration time, and troubleshooting

Non Restrictive Design

  • Freedom for the user to experiment without penalty or permanency
  • Enhances the learning environment
  • Reduces unnecessary anxiety related to allowing users access
  • Eliminates common negative consequences of user experimentation
  • Reduces organization feuds when writing restriction policies
  • Improves the classroom technology experience
  • Superior product design allows user full access to computer without time-consuming management restrictions


  • One product is scalable across all Windows and Mac OS’s
  • No version conflicts with various OS’s
  • Seamless integration with all third party management applications

Enhanced Virus Protection

  • Protects during the “Unprotected Delta” defined as the time when the virus is released and the time of remedy
  • Viruses, trojans, spyware, cookies, etc., are pre-isolated and never touch the system volume

Small Footprint

  • little disk space required for the program
  • Instant Restore technology enhances system performance due to improved resource utilization efficiencies
  • Enhances computer performance by eliminating the need for most routine hard drive maintenance
  • Standardized development processes for efficiencies


  • Password authentication
  • Patent-based security has never been breached
  • Complete hard drive protection to the physical sector level Stealth Mode
  • Transparent to the user
  • Stealth mode toggling if protection status display is desired

Remote Management

  • Remote management from a single or multiple stations
  • Control of protection modes and registration status of clients
  • Remote IP Network encryption
  • Multiple selection of protected machines (control of multiple clients simultaneously)
  • Command line or GUI client shutdown
  • Push & pull license management



SmartShield for Mac Benefits:

Minimize computer maintenance: – The need to spend a great deal of time restoring systems affected by changes, deletions and downloads is eliminated.

Provide a consistent configuration: – System changes are eliminated upon reboot, unless saved to the Persistent Storage space, so the original configuration remains constant.

Mount and Un-mount Persistent Storage Partitions: – Easy to create and easy removal through password protection.

Backward Compatible: – Works with most Apple Operating Systems from 10.3 to 10.4.

Unrestricted access: – Users are free to explore the entire system without permanently committing changes even with root and administrator privileges.

Protect Multiple Hard Drives: – Easy selection of hard drives to be protected during installation with a point and click.

Stealth Mode: – Provides undetectable protection and eliminates attempts to bypass or negate security.

Password Protected: – Three levels of password protection with different administrative rights. Password protection has never been breached providing an environment that can be trusted to protect your investment.

Intuitive Interface: – Easy to manage one Interface across different Apple OS which follow Apple’s UI Guidelines making it easy to learn and use.

Easy installation and administration: – Standard Apple Installer is utilized. – SmartShield for Mac can be deployed and controlled via Apple Remote Desktop (ARD).

Workstation Recovery: – Using SmartShield for Mac insures 100% recovery on reboot.

User Profiles: – User profile can be persistent allowing you to retain your desktop themes and colors. This provides no special save to locations on the hard drive. At the same time it restricts the next user at this computer from seeing your documents, emails web browser bookmarks, etc. that where saved by you.

Work with Parallels: – Lets the user run both Mac and Windows at the same time while still protecting your computer.

Works with Boot Camp: – Does require both SmartShield for Mac for the Mac and CornerStone for Windows to provide complete computer protection while operating in either OS environment.


System Requirements

Systems Requirements

  • SmartShield for Mac is compatible with Mac OS versions 10.6, 10.7, 10.8 and 10.9.
  • Complete hard drive protection
  • No restrictions to the user
  • Unwanted changes vanish with a reboot
  • Transparent to the user
  • Simple to install & maintain
  • NCLM ready

Note: SmartShield for MAC is not compatible with Fusion Drives and SSD.


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