NETconsent is the leading vendor of policy management software and also provides additional software modules which support an organisation’s wider corporate communications strategy.

NETconsent cost-effectively automates policy management, assuring governance throughout the enterprise. Making policies more visible and enforceable raises standards of individual accountability and conduct.

What is Policy Management

Policies must influence people’s behaviour if they are to prove effective in achieving operational efficiencies, regulatory compliance and cost savings.

Consequently the policy management process cannot simply stop at the creation and publication of policies and procedures. Too many corporate policies remain unread or are unreadable!

To assure governance across the enterprise (i.e. embed best practice policies and procedures into day-to-day working life and behaviours) policy management must encompass not only well written policies, but also seek to:

  1. Raise awareness of new and updated policies and procedures;
  2. Ensure people understand relevant policies and procedures;
  3. Record people’s acceptance to abide by policies and procedures;
  4. Demonstrate effective policy controls are in place;
  5. Provide an accurate audit trail of activities;
  6. Report policy compliance.

NETconsent Modules

NETconsent Compliance Suite delivers a pro-active and sustainable approach to handling the policy management lifecycle and other associated documentation, including policies, procedures, guidelines, e-learning modules & forms.

Adopted both within Public Sector and corporate customers, it is being used to establish and maintain policy compliance with regard to regulatory requirements, such as Data Protection, PCI, FSA, GCSx Code of Connection and SOX.

Modules Description Benefits
Policy Manager Create legally valid proof of employees having seen, understood & agreed to policies
  • Clearly manage policies
  • Confirm understanding and Record read time
  • Identify non-compliancy status and reason
  • Effectively distribute policies to relevant users
  • Collate and track user acceptance
Examiner Test, monitor, and report employees’ understanding of workplace policies
  • Questionnaire approval process
  • Immediate or time delayed tests
  • Random question presentation
  • Competency framework integration
  • Test completion certificate
Assessor Poll opinions, undertake assessments and analyse employees’ feedback and attitudes
  • Assessment approval process
  • Free text feedback facility
  • Question categories for analysis reporting
Informer Disseminate information on a need-to-know basis
  • Informer Prompt Messages
  • Group-based message distribution
  • Record of viewing
Reporter Analyse, track, present, manage policy & risk management information
  • Detailed evidential reports
  • Intuitive report generation with selection criteria
  • Secure browser-based reporting portal
  • Support for custom reports

NETconsent Compliance Suite – Standard Edition: is the entry level compliance solution that enables organizations to Create, Manage, Distribute, Test, Audit and Review document compliance. It includes the following NETconsent Modules: Policy Manager.

NETconsent Compliance Suite – Professional Edition: further enhances the capabilities of the Standard Edition by adding enhanced functionality with advanced versions of Policy Manager, Examiner and Reporter.

NETconsent Compliance Suite – Enterprise Edition: further enhances the capabilities of the Professional Edition by adding NETconsent Informer and NETconsent Assessor Modules to deliver the most comprehensive leading communication and policy compliance solution.

Why use NETconsent?

More than ever regulators and investors are paying closer attention to corporate governance. There is incredible pressure on Boards to improve standards of governance, whilst keeping a tight rein on the associated costs of compliance.

NETconsent automates policy management, assuring governance throughout the enterprise. By making policies more visible and enforceable NETconsent helps to raise standards of individual accountability and conduct.

NETconsent policy management system helps you Measure, Monitor and Manage compliance obligations in the following areas:

  1. Code of Conduct: NETconsent policy management software is a fair and consistent method of ensuring policies are properly communicated, understood and enforced.
  2. Information Assurance: NETconsent restricts access to IT services until users have read, understood and accepted IT policies thereby reducing the risk of security breaches.
  3. Health & Safety: NETconsent raises standards by providing actionable data for managers to ensure Health & Safety policies are consistently applied in everyday workplace practice.
  4. Remote Working: NETconsent systematically reminds remote and mobile workers of their obligations when working away from the office thereby protecting an organisation’s assets and reputation.
  5. PCI DSS: NETconsent offers a practical and sustainable approach to ensuring people involved in credit card processing understand their responsibilities and formally agree to abide by PCI policies and procedures.
  6. Code of Connection: NETconsent cost-effectively automates Requirement 12 of the Code of Connection and ensures that authorised users read, understand and sign up to the personal statement or AUP before accessing GCSx.
  7. FSA: NETconsent helps organisations comply with FSA requirements by enabling the fast and efficient roll out of new or revised policies and the ability to report whether employees understand them.
  8. Sarbanes Oxley: NETconsent ensures staff awareness of the critical SOX requirements without a long training process and also tests understanding of SOX policies and procedures.
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