InterGuard – Data Loss Prevention

Product Overview

InterGuard provides Data Loss Prevention for your organization – regardless of where your employees or your critical information reside. It can scan every file on every PC in your organization to uncover where confidential Data At Rest resides as well as prevent confidential Data In Motion from leaking out (via email / attachments, USB devices, web postings, etc.). In today’s increasingly mobile world, where employees and contractors alike demand instant access to corporate assets and confidential information from remote locations, protecting that information can be extremely difficult. Traditional network-based solutions have porous perimeters. Removable media? Webmail? Instant Messaging? All these escape the control of many of our competitors. Thus, they offer only limited “data loss prevention”.

InterGuard Data Loss Prevention is superior because it can identify and protect sensitive information no matter where it’s being accessed. It operates preemptively to keep your organization continuously ahead of today’s constantly evolving threat landscape. InterGuard is installed at the desktop level and reports back over encrypted HTTPS protocols, instead of over the network. This is crucial since it streamlines the process of detecting and blocking any unauthorized attempts to move data outside the organization. Simply put, InteGuard builds a protective circumference around each computer in your organization, rather than just network traffic. This means InterGuard is more effective and comprehensive in securing your confidential data than network-based solutions.

InterGuard uncovers your risks by scanning all of the PCs in your organization to show you where confidential information resides (Data At Rest).

InterGuard prevents confidential Data In Motion from leaking out of your organization via webmail, attachments, web postings or USB devices.

Data Loss Prevention


Scans emails and attempts to write to removable media for policy violations: mishandling or misappropriation of confidential data, Intellectual Property, trade secrets, Non-Public Personal Information

  • Automatically scans all PCs in your organization to find where confidential information resides.
  • Blocks any communication with confidential data
  • Prevents accidental disclosure and malicious theft of sensitive data
  • Monitor and control the transfer of sensitive information to removable storage devices
  • Easy, intuitive policy-creation
  • Overcomes any attempt to encrypt before sending unauthorized data
  • Protects data in any format, even if copied, pasted or compressed
  • Recognizes file type changes
  • Define and manage data protection policies
  • Generate reports to meet compliance requirements
  • Can be deployed silently over the network in minutes with no user prompts.



Data Loss Prevention Benefits

  1. Minimal upfront investment and simple licensing and ordering process
  2. Quick deployment to jumpstart your business
  3. Reduces administrative overhead to lower operational costs
  4. Supports existing business processes
  5. Grows with your needs
  6. Reduces business risk by responding in real-time
  7. Easily installs and deploys for low TCO
  8. Generates increased value from current security investments
  9. Helps ease regulatory compliance efforts with centralized analysis and reporting
  10. Helps satisfy audit requirements
  11. Ensures customer data privacy and integrity
  12. Scales to thousands of customers or business units
  13. Intergrates with Active Directory
  14. Works in terminal server and Citrix environments


Technical Video

Please click the video below to learn more about how InterGuards Data Loss Prevention can help your organization with internal data leakage.

data loss prevention video


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