Equitrac Express

Product Overview

Using Equitrac Express, we help schools manage their print usage with software-based reporting for all printing and copying expenses. Allocating these costs to the appropriate account, or charging for their usage, encourages everyone to promote responsible printing, as well as minimize wasted paper and toner.

“50 of the top 100 Universities Worldwide use Equitrac for Print Accountability”

Printer Monitoring Made Easy
Equitrac Express is a printer monitoring software solution that is seamlessly installed within the multi-function printer (MFP) itself. Referred to as embedded software, Equitrac Express is completely compatible and integrates fully with virtually all of today’s leading MFPs. This approach provides K-12 and colleges with unparalleled convenience and performance, allowing you to:

  • Use the machine’s existing control panel for authorization and authentication
  • Capture all print activity and user data automatically
  • Allocate costs or charge for documents produced on the MFP
  • Login with PIN or swipe-card at the machine
  • Enhance document security and protect personal information
  • Gain mobility and convenience of Follow-You Printing

Introducing I-Queue
The intelligent print queue that alleviates the dependencies on print servers, print drivers and complex printer fleets that cause IT complexity and user dissatisfaction. I-Queue reduces IT and network resources by moving the processing of print jobs from the print server to the desktop, automates the deployment of print drivers, and simplifies the printing process for users through the use of a single print queue for printing to every printer on the network.

What’s new in version 5

  • New Secure Print Release Options that help schools eliminate expensive personal printers and extend Secure Document Release benefits to every printing device on the network.
  • New Web-based System Manager provides administrators with convenient access to routine administrative controls over users, departments, quotas and billing codes from a secure, always-accessible Web interface.
  • New Report Templates demonstrate the financial and environmental impact of print volume and cost reduction efforts, including savings as a result of Forced Monochrome and Forced Duplex print rules.
  • Enhanced deployment tools reduce the amount of time required to deploy Equitrac


Recover Costs
Take control of your budget and manage your financial resources. Working with existing printers, MFPs and copiers, Equitrac Express adapts to any size fleet, across multiple campuses. It also offers detailed print reports that will help you more easily allocate chargebacks to students, faculty and guests. These print reports will also help you:

  • Set and enforce print quotas
  • Track and charge for every page output
  • Route print jobs to the most efficient machines
  • Charge extra for pages over print quota
  • Measure and monitor print jobs
  • Reduce need for expensive personal printers

Encourage Responsible Printing
Stop unnecessary and needless print waste. Leverage information contained within detailed print reports to hold students and faculty accountable for their print usage. Become environmentally friendly. Let Equitrac Express help you:

  • Encourage conservation of resources
  • End access to “free-printing”
  • Prevent unclaimed printouts and discarded copies
  • Manage unnecessary or excessive paper and toner usage from a centralized, remote location
  • Delete any duplicate or obsolete jobs from the printer queue
  • Route documents to specific devices based upon administrator-defined rules

Balance Security and Convenience
Ensure the right documents get issued at the right printers and to the right students or faculty members. Prevent unauthorized access and retrieval of personal papers with Follow-You PrintingĀ®. Secure your print workflow. Let Equitrac Express help you:

  • Hold documents in a secure print queue
  • Authenticate users at the printer with a single login or optional card reader
  • Eliminate confidential documents from sitting unattended at remote printers
  • Ensure payment is made prior to printing
  • Collect print job from any device on the network, regardless of location



Equitrac Express: Recover Costs, Reduce Waste with Our Print Management Software


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