GFI Software pioneers powerful, award-winning IT solutions for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) – and we make them affordable and easy to use. We understand the challenges and opportunities you face. And it’s our business to help you to succeed, while saving you time and money. We keep technology simple where possible, and provide expert help and resources when you need them.

GFI Web monitor
GFI Web Monitor
Internet monitoring software like GFI WebMonitor™ can help you boost employee productivity while putting your mind at rest about security breaches which can be very costly to your business. Control downloadable file types, scan downloads using multiple antivirus engines and block known malicious sites.

GFI Endpoint Security
GFI Endpoint Security
GFI EndPointSecurity™ helps prevent the introduction of viruses, malware and other unauthorized software to your network by blocking access to a wide variety of devices such as USB sticks, iPods and smartphones.

Prevent data leaks by comprehensively controlling access to portable storage devices with minimal administrative effort. Temporary access can be granted to users for a device (or group of devices) on a particular computer for a particular timeframe.

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