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Complete solutions for centralized management of Windows and Mac desktops

Desktop and laptop computers remain a driving force in businesses of every size. That means you need a driving force to help keep those computers performing at peak efficiency. Now is the time to automate your desktop management routines and streamline tasks that would otherwise take too much time or cost too much money.

ManageEngine desktop management solutions help you reduce asset costs, enhance operations, comply with IT regulations, and automate entire desktop routines

Desktop Central

Desktop Central automates regular desktop management activities and secures client computers. It helps administrators standardize, secure, and audit their systems network. With Desktop Central, IT teams can:

  • Fetch information on client computers at anytime
  • Generate comprehensive reports to audit IT assets
  • Customize user privileges by delegating activities
  • Integrate desktop management with third-party helpdesks

Features of Desktop Central

Patch Management : Automate deployment of patches to both Microsoft and Non-Microsoft applications of your clients remotely and define system health policies.

Software Deployment: Enables scheduled deployment of software to multiple computers. Supports installing MSI, EXE, ISS, Script based applications.

Mobile Device Management: Mobile device management enables to configure, manage and secure mobile devices from a central place.

Mobile Application Management: Mobile application management enables to distirbute, and manage the apps. It supports distirbution of both in-house and commercial apps.

Asset Management: Manage and control each of your IT assets remotely and get notified on specific events like a new software/hardware found, prohibited software detected, etc.

Remote Control: Take control of desktops remotely to troubleshoot or perform any specific changes, notify users before taking control, log connection reasons, switch between multiple monitors, transfer files, etc.

Power Management: Go green with effective power management by applying power schemes, shutting down inactive computers and get system uptime report.

USB Device Management: Restrict and control the usage of USB Devices in the network both at the user-level and at the computer-level.

Configurations: Over 25 pre-defined configurations to standardize your clients’ desktop, application, system, and security settings.

System Tools: Schedule running preventive maintenance tools like Disk Defrag, Check Disk, and Clean Disk to keep up the computers’ performance of your clients.

Other versions of Desktop Central

Desktop Central MSP

Desktop Central MSP is web-based desktop managementsoftware that helps managed service providers efficiently manage their customers’ desktops and servers, reduce costs, and enhance operation. Desktop Central MSP lets managed service providers:

  • Automate software distribution
  • Update Microsoft and third-party patches
  • Inspect hardware and software assets
  • Troubleshoot technical problems via remote control

OS Deployer

OS Deployer lets organizations capture a master image of a computer’s Windows operating system and Windows applications. That image can be deployed simultaneously to multiple servers, laptops, and desktops. Systems administrators rely on OS Deployer to:

  • Automate OS deployments
  • Accelerate new computer provisioning and systems repair
  • Create roles-based deployment templates
  • Deploy images and required drivers to dissimilar hardware

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