iPad support for Netop Vision

Today, Netop is happy to announce the release of Netop Vision Mobile, the app for teachers that puts the full power of your desktop computer onto your iPad. Now teachers can move freely around the classroom while accessing all of the educational resources on their PC from their iOS device.

Vision Mobile works standalone or may be combined with Vision classroom management software to extend the full functionality of Vision and Vision Pro to the iPad, enabling teachers to guide student learning from anywhere in the classroom.

Free add-on for Vision Pro customers
Vision Mobile is a free add-on for Vision Pro customers with a current Netop Advantage agreement. It is not free for Vision customers, but can be purchased separately to extend Vision functionality to the iPad.

About Vision Mobile

Untie yourself from your desk
Vision Mobile lets you access and control anything on your PC from your iPad, from anywhere in the room. You don’t have to be stuck at your desk anymore to teach from your computer. Get up, walk around and take Vision or Vision Pro with you. With full classroom management functionality from your iPad, Vision Mobile lets you manage students from anywhere in the room.

Full Vision and Vision Pro functionality with no learning curve
With Vision Mobile, you get Vision or Vision Pro on your iPad, exactly the way it appears on your desktop. You can tap, flick, pinch open and pinch close – all the iOS gestures you’re already using. With the same toolbar, there’s no learning curve and any updates to Vision and Vision Pro automatically update Vision Mobile.

Works over LAN
Vision Mobile connects via Wi-Fi on your school’s LAN, so you can access your teacher PC from anywhere in the school. Take students to the library and access files on your PC desktop from your iPad. It’s lightning fast. Commands and screen changes take effect instantly, because your class time is too valuable to waste.

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