Netop RemoteControl 10.01 Released

The latest update to Netop Remote Control version 10.01 (build 2011154) is a maintenance release for Windows, Linux and Mac available since June 7, 2011. The last major release of Netop Remote Control (version 10) was launched on March 30, 2011 and introduced a number of enhancements to help you remotely manage your infrastructure and users across your enterprise. Download the latest release.

Netop Remote Control 10.01 extends the industry leading security features with System authentication for Linux and Mac, better integration with larger Active Directory environments, improved compatibility with Oracle databases and improved experience when using Mac OS X plus much more.

Quick Overview: What’s New in Netop Remote Control 10?

  1. Expanded support for your diverse enterprise, including the latest Linux and Mac platforms.
  2. Cross platform capabilities – control your entire enterprise from a single console.
  3. Exceptional performance overall and significantly faster screen transfers.
  4. Simple and secure connectivity across the internet to support remote staff and devices.
  5. Easier management of roles and permissions and better integration with Active Directory.
  6. Improved support for virtualized environments including remote control for your VDI desktops.
  7. The latest security enhancements for even the most demanding enterprise environments.

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