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Codework-systems is proud to be a reseller of Awareness Technologies software.

InterGuard Web Filtering
Blocking inappropriate web surfing is critical not only to ensuring the security of your organization, but also to ensuring that your employees are productive, but web surfing is only a part of how employees spend their time. InterGuard Webfiltering is designed to extend your visibility beyond a simple list of URLs and give you a true understanding of whether or not your employees are acting in a safe and productive manner.

Sonar Employee Monitoring
Sonar records and controls all employee computer activity, increasing staff productivity, decreasing exposure to litigation and meeting compliance requirements related to privacy laws and regulations. Unique in the industry, Sonar does not require you to purchase any hardware.

InterGuard Data Loss Prevention
InterGuard provides Data Loss Prevention for your organization – regardless of where your employees or your critical information reside. It can scan every file on every PC in your organization to uncover where confidential Data At Rest resides as well as prevent confidential Data In Motion from leaking out (via email / attachments, USB devices, web postings, etc.).

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